November 5, 2012

Think Fast: Out-the-Door Beauty

Whether you’re running late or simply looking to cut back the typical time of your daily beauty regimen, we got you covered! Follow our variety of quick tips and speedy solutions for getting gorgeous in a matter of minutes!

Less is more. The easiest way to look put together without putting in much effort (or time) is to just cover the basics: conceal any problem areas, give lashes a coat of mascara, apply a swipe of blush to cheeks, and add some gloss to lips.
Double duty. Opt for products that can serve multi-purposes to save you time. Pass on your usual moisturizer/foundation application in favor of a tinted moisturizer, utilize a two-in-one lip and cheek stain, or use a colored shadow base as your eye shadow (coming to Sigma soon!)
Fake awake. Over slept? No problem! Brighten eyes by applying concealer underneath to hide any bags or darkness -- the P82 brush works wonders! From there, apply a highlighter (we suggest 'Lumiere') to the inner corners of the eyes for an instant brightening effect.
Pretty prepared. If you’re notorious for being late, have a stash of your essential makeup items for those days that your time to get ready is cut in half and you need to be able to access your beauty basics asap.
Beauty and the bold. If you’re in a major time crunch, we love the fool-proof rule of two: simply apply mascara and a bright or bold lipstick. Viola - glam on the go!

How do you alter your beauty routine when you’re short on time?

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  1. This is wonderful!!! I've been needing tips like this lately :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Niki! We're glad you found this post helpful! :)

  2. Less is More! My favotire lazy/late everyday look.

  3. You listed my basics! If I want a little color around the eyes I use the E15 to line top and bottom lash - a little color goes a long way!