November 1, 2012

Halloween @ Sigma!

Happy [belated] Halloween! Here at Sigma we took full advantage of the holiday by dressing as some of our favorite characters. A clan of ballerinas, the Pink Ladies from Grease, and even Frida Kahlo was spotted in the office. Get the full line up of costumes plus some of the Sigma products used to create these one of a kind looks!

These beautiful ballerinas used the Flare Eye Shadow Palette for accentuating the eyes!
Forest Nymphs
Spice Girls
Rocker Chicks

Cruela Devil, Morticia Adams & Witch

Angry Birds
Classy Cats
Duck Dynasty
Devil & Greek Goddess! (What would a devil be without some red from the Dare Eye Shadow Palette and a goddess without a luminous highlight?!)
Pink Ladies & Sandy from Grease
Cowboy, Flight Attendant & Mao
Frida Kahlo, Geisha & Princess. (Frida definitely used the Brow Kit to create her look!)
My name is Earl & Hashtag "First World Problems"
Ventriloquist Doll & Cowboy (Our 'Rouge' blush is perfect for getting those rosy red cheeks!)
What did you dress up as for Halloween? Did you use any Sigma makeup to get the look?

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  1. HOW AWESOME!!! looks like everyone had so much fun!!! Happy Belated Halloween!!!

  2. Omg! Sigma looks like such a fun place to work at!! Looks like you guys had a blast dressing up for Halloween!

    1. It's always a fun time in the Sigma office! ;)

  3. You all looked awesome! My fav are Frida, Mao and Ventriloquist Doll
    :D Happy Halloween to you all!

    1. Yes - those were definitely creative costumes! :)

  4. :) Cool costumes! Seems you had a great time.

  5. Such a fun post,really enjoyed reading it.
    I looved the Angry Birds ones,and the Duck Dinasty ones.
    But everyone was super creative,and it really seemns that you guys had a great time !