November 28, 2012

Blending Guide

When it comes to perfecting your eye makeup, a quality blending brush is an essential component in doing so. Luckily, Sigma has a wide selection to choose from so no matter what look it is you’re trying to create, we've got you covered! Read on to learn about each of our blending brushes and how to best use them!

November 26, 2012

Now Available: Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D

After being in the making for more than a year, it’s finally here – the highly anticipated launch of the limited edition Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D! (previously seen here). This unique palette contains a variety of items essential for creating both everyday, neutral looks as well as sultry and dramatic ones! Keep reading to find out why this is a product you’ll definitely want to get your hands on before it’s gone!

November 23, 2012

Last Chance: Free Shipping!

Our Black Friday free shipping event ends tonight @ 11:59 CST, so place the last of your orders before this exclusive deal is over! Remember to enter coupon code "BF2012" at checkout!
Happy shopping! :-)

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November 22, 2012

48 Hours of Free Shipping!

It's official - the Sigma Black Friday event has begun! Visit our blog post from yesterday to get all the details if you haven't already! Otherwise, get shopping and take advantage of this special annual event before it's gone! (Don't forget to enter coupon code "BF2012" at checkout!)

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November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sales Event

Tomorrow kicks off Sigma's annual Black Friday sales event: FREE SHIPPING! But this year is even better - we've extended the deal for an extra day to ensure our customers have plenty of time to place all of their orders. Keep reading to get the full details so you don't miss a thing!

November 20, 2012

Ask the Artist: Griselle Rosario

Griselle Rosario is a leading editorial hair and makeup artist with more than 12 years of experience in the business. She’s worked her makeup magic in a variety of areas including fashion, print, film, and video. Griselle has done makeup for the well-known faces of Bow Wow, Fat Joe, Don Omar, plus many more. We caught up with this distinguished MUA to get her insight on all things beauty! Check it out:

November 19, 2012

Giveaway Winner

It's official! -- The winner of our October Favorites giveaway has been selected! Keep reading to find out if you won the Flare Eye Shadow Palette!

November 16, 2012

Day to Night Makeup

Often times your daily makeup simply doesn't have the same effect come nightfall. To quickly transform your look from day to night without starting from scratch, follow our simple suggestions!

November 14, 2012

Q&A w/ YouTube Guru MissJenFabulous

Jenny, better known by her YouTube name MissJenFabulous, has unmistakably become a rising star among the beauty community. Through a vast collection of trending makeup tutorials and nail art how-to’s, she has acquired more than 157,000 subscribers in the last two years. Keep reading to find out the story behind Jenny’s start on YouTube, a few of her secrets to beauty success, plus much more! 

November 12, 2012

October Favorites + Giveaway! [closed]

November has arrived and that means it is time to mention some favorite Sigma products! Each month beauty bloggers and YouTube’s top makeup gurus always have a favorite product or two from Sigma and we love sharing with you what each one of them is. Find out which products were most loved for last month plus enter for a chance to win one of them!

November 9, 2012

Emphasize Eyes: Hazel

In our last complementing eye color tutorial we showed you how to use red shades to make green eyes stand out. Today we’re onto our third eye color focus: hazel! We took Sigma employee, Leah, from the operations department to be our model. Keep reading to learn more about Leah and discover the best shade for making hazel-hued eyes pop!

November 7, 2012

Beauty Buyers Guide: Black Friday

Black Friday, known as the busiest shopping day of the year, is just around the corner and Sigma will yet again have an exclusive offer for a limited time that you won’t want to pass up. That being said, today we are providing you with our pro suggestions for how to be a clever consumer and have a successful shopping experience with Sigma for this once-a-year special!

November 5, 2012

Think Fast: Out-the-Door Beauty

Whether you’re running late or simply looking to cut back the typical time of your daily beauty regimen, we got you covered! Follow our variety of quick tips and speedy solutions for getting gorgeous in a matter of minutes!

November 2, 2012

Ask Amanda

Do you ever wonder which makeup brushes you should make sure to have in your kit? Well if so, you’re in luck! – Today we are featuring the top suggestions from our makeup artist. This month’s question for Amanda is, “In your opinion, what are the five most essential brushes for makeup application and why?” Keep reading to get her answer and discover the brushes you shouldn’t go another day without!

November 1, 2012

Halloween @ Sigma!

Happy [belated] Halloween! Here at Sigma we took full advantage of the holiday by dressing as some of our favorite characters. A clan of ballerinas, the Pink Ladies from Grease, and even Frida Kahlo was spotted in the office. Get the full line up of costumes plus some of the Sigma products used to create these one of a kind looks!