November 20, 2012

Ask the Artist: Griselle Rosario

Griselle Rosario is a leading editorial hair and makeup artist with more than 12 years of experience in the business. She’s worked her makeup magic in a variety of areas including fashion, print, film, and video. Griselle has done makeup for the well-known faces of Bow Wow, Fat Joe, Don Omar, plus many more. We caught up with this distinguished MUA to get her insight on all things beauty! Check it out:

Sigma: In your opinion, what makeup look stands the test of time?
I love a clean, beautiful look -- fresh, dewy-looking skin, not overly trendy eyes,  just a simple color to complement the eye and hair color. I also love a nude or light lip with a hint of shine. Basically makeup that lets you stand out.

Sigma: What are some of your favorite Sigma products and why? 
Griselle: Sigma is one of my favorite brands of all time! The brushes are my No.1 go-to because with these tools I am able to create beautiful looks in any circumstances with any type of makeup. Another great product is the Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit. It is such a complete kit for any professional artist; it has everything you need for the frame of your canvas, because I always say that your eyebrows are the frame of your face.

Sigma: In terms of makeup, which items do consider to be the most splurge-worthy?
Griselle: Good skincare products. I believe that high-quality skincare products alongside a healthy lifestyle will allow your face to be it's best for a very long time.
Sigma: What item(s) do you always find yourself reaching for when creating makeup looks?
Griselle: Highlighters - any colors or textures whether they are liquid, cream or powder. I love the glowing, healthy skin that highlighters have the power to create on any complexion. 
Sigma: How do you keep up with all the emerging trends and styles season to season?
Griselle: The best thing for me is internet and bloggers! Also, email newsletters from different brands, and of course all type of magazines. I get a lot of inspiration from just walking around the very fashion-forward city of New York. My assistant also makes sure that I keep up with the latest makeup products she does her research for me -- she is the best!

Sigma: Can you tell us the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Griselle: Try not to use your hands on a client’s face - use your tools since that is what they are there for. And it’s so true – the right tools truly make the look more flawless and smooth.

Twitter: @grisellemua

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