June 29, 2012

Recap: VIP Launch Party

We ended our weekend at IMATS LA with a bang by hosting a VIP Launch Party, providing guests with our upcoming Beauty Expert Brow Kit (available July 23)! YouTube's top beauty gurus came from all over the world to attend! Take a peek:

MissJenFABULOUS, Tiffany's husband, MakeupbyTiffanyD, EleventhGorgeous sisters

 Sigma ladies! -- Tara, Kristina, Tonya, Rasun, Annie, Paige & Shauna

Thanks for a great weekend to all those that came to IMATS as well as our VIP launch party. The planning for IMATS LA 2013 is already in the works (we have even bigger and better things coming your way!) See you in January! 
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  1. que lindo parabéns sigma por mais essa criação... vocês conseguem mexer com a auto estima das mulheres assim como despertar desejos e sonhos... um de meus sonhos é um dia ter produtos sigma, já participei de vários sorteios e nunca ganhei agora estou guardando dinheiro para quem sabe no natal eu me presentear com pelo menos um produto SIGMA... Adoro esses produtos mesmo sem nunca te-los testado...

    beijos e sucesso

  2. I Want one Beauty Expert Brow Kit, can you guy's give one to me, that's my b-day and I buy a lot at sigma.com, Pleasseeeee I will be very Happy. ;-)

    1. Unfortunately we do not send out free products, however, you can join our affiliate program if you are interested in earning products and commission. Learn more here: https://www.sigmabeauty.com/Articles.asp?ID=253

  3. Will you come to Vancouver for imats?
    I'm rlly looking forward for it!!:D

  4. how do you get invited??!!

  5. how can i get invited ?