June 4, 2012

Paris Project: macNC40

Suzy is a 27-year-old lover of all things beauty. From the heart of Los Angeles, she has been performing her self-taught makeup skills since 2002. Her main audience consists of teens and young adults who look up to her creative and fun talent shared on all of her social networking sites. 

Suzy does makeup for weddings, proms, online makeup tutorials, and other beauty-related events. Amongst her great experiences, the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and being a part of the Sigma Paris Makeup Palette collaboration are at the top of her list.
Suzy’s favorite makeup look? Bold and intense eyes with a toned-down lip. “There is no absolute standard of beauty. Makeup is a way to express yourself and how you're feeling, so have fun with it!”
“The most important part for me is just being able to make someone feel good about themselves. I have received messages from girls who say they've never felt pretty about themselves and to hear that I had a positive impact on their confidence is really endearing.  Also, forming unexpected bonds and friendships with people who share the same passion as me has been very rewarding. Some of my closest friends are those whom I've met through the beauty industry.”

Sigma Beauty: What was the most rewarding part about your trip to Paris?
Suzy: Being able to work in such an amazing city, with such wonderful people!
There's nothing better than working with a company and friends that share the same passion as you, especially in Paris of all places.

Sigma Beauty: What did you like best about the city itself?
Suzy: The architecture! Everything in Paris looked like art. I love the culture and really appreciate how they preserve their buildings.

Sigma Beauty: What did you learn from this experience/collaboration with Sigma?
Suzy: Sigma is a very detail oriented company and I have the utmost respect for them!  They really care about their customers, and are very passionate about getting things exactly how we envisioned. They are amazing!

Sigma Beauty: What was it like to learn about the process of how an eye shadow palette and eye shadow colors are created?
Suzy: It was really interesting. I didn't realize how many steps there could be to create something from scratch! There's a lot of hard work in creating something and getting it just right. I was staring at pantone colors for the longest time trying to figure out which shade I thought represented Orsay.

Sigma Beauty: What is your favorite way to wear the eye shadow color that you created?
Suzy: I love wearing it as the main color on my lids. It's such a fun and bright color! It's definitely attention getting. I feel like it's one of those colors where someone would ask you, "What's that you're wearing on your eyes? I need it!" ;)

Suzy's Paris Vlog: 

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