April 16, 2012

NEW - E75 & E80!

Today we introduced the new E75 and E80 – two brushes made exclusively for creating and maintaining beautiful brows and lashes! We believe that the eyebrows and eyelashes are the finishing touch in perfecting your makeup routine. Keep reading to learn why these brushes are a must-have for your brush collection!

The angled brow brush (E75) was designed specifically for filling in, defining and strengthening thin or sparse eyebrows. The E75 works best when used with powder or gel products to create full and defined brows. (We love that bold brows took center stage in the spring runway shows)!

The brow and lash brush (E80) is essential for grooming eyebrows and eyelashes; the “mascara spool” design provides the ideal firmness for precise control in these areas. Use the E80 to brush through brows to determine areas that need to be filled in; also use it to brush through lashes for an elongated effect and to separate any mascara clumps.

Make sure to read our previous blog posts on maintaining flawless brows and lashes to learn more about how to keep these areas looking their best!

What are your secrets for maintaining and accentuate your brows and lashes?

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  1. Love the new brushes! Great addition to my collection.

  2. would love to get them all but such a shame the shipping to belgium is so pricey :'(

    1. We hope you do - you won't be disappointed with your purchase! :)

    2. saving up as we speak ;) ... really wish we could combine coupons ... i wouldn't hesitate one bit ;) ...
      want a couple of sets and travel sets to share with my family... i'm sure they'll go nuts over them ;) they look to be of an amazing quality and not at the prices that M.A.C has... it's just the shipping stopping me at the moment... need to save up a lot to cover that ;)