January 18, 2012

Luxe Lashes

Creating voluminous lashes is the finishing touch in perfecting your makeup routine. It’s also the easiest way to make eyes appear larger to provide an eye-brightening effect.  Here are our simple steps for creating long and luxurious-looking lashes!

First, gently curl lashes using a lash curler, holding lashes taut for approximately 5-10 seconds. Repeat once or twice. Pro tip: To get the most intense curl possible, blast the lash curler with hot air using a blow dryer prior to curling. Think of it as a mini curling iron for your lashes!

Second, apply mascara. If you are going for a more natural look, opt for clear or brown mascara. For the most intensity, use a dark black. While applying mascara, start at the base of the lashes and use a back-and-forth motion while working the wand up to get every lash. Apply 2-3 coats to give lashes the length and definition desired, waiting approximately 15 seconds in between coats. Consider applying mascara to the lower lashes first to prevent getting mascara on your upper lid. If you do happen to accidentally get any of the mascara on your skin, quickly use a q-tip to wipe it away before it dries.

Lastly, make eyelashes appear thicker by using a secret of the pros called tight-lining. Simply apply a fine line of dark brown or black eye shadow (like "hitch" or "control" from our Bare Palette) directly along the lash line using an angled brush. This creates the illusion of more hair at the roots.

To create really dramatic eyes, take it one step further by applying false lashes. (We love YouTube guru TiffanyD’s tutorial on how to properly apply)!

Do you have any secrets for achieving lengthy lashes? 

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  1. Tudo de bom.



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  3. I love the hot air blower tip. I'm going to try it.

  4. Ooo, fortunately I already do tight-lining when i want my eyes to pop. I didn't know it was called that, though. Good for me! ;P
    I'll have to try heating my curler.

  5. Nice tips, I have not tried the blowdryer tip.