January 11, 2012

Complementing Colors


One question we often receive is, “What eye shadow colors should I use?”
Knowing which complementing eye shadow shades are best for you can highlight your natural eye color and have a strong impact on your overall look. Whether you have blue, green, brown or hazel eyes, we have the perfect color suggestions for you!

Are you a blue-eyed beauty? Go for earth tones such as copper, taupe, and sable. Shades of gray are also a good option.

If you’re a green-eyed goddess, use chocolate or burgundy colors.

Brown-eyed gal? Green, purple and blues are your go-to shades.

Have hazel eyes? Opt for purples. (Pro tip: If you use green shadow, it will bring out the brown in your eyes, whereas purple shadow will emphasize the green in your eyes).

Gold, silver and shimmery champagne shadows are flattering for all eye colors.

The Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palettes offer a wide selection of shades. With all of the options, everyone can find a perfect complementing color for their eyes!

What shades do you find work best for your eye color?

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  1. bellissime palette, e i loro colori li trovo caldi, così da realizzare un make up glamour ed elegante.
    Sono una make up artist mi farebbe piacere collaborare con voi con tutorial e recenzioni.
    ecco i miei link http://giovannabillimakeupartist.blogspot.com/
    a presto baci baci

  2. Thank you for sharing the links to your social media sites. Please contact our affiliate team for details on collaboration. Email: affiliate@sigmabeauty.com

  3. Hi Sigma team! I love the Sigma palettes! I hope that I will have at least one of them some day.

  4. hi there! i have green eyes so i totally agree on the fact that brown eyeshadow looks help them pop. but for softer looks i LOVE wearing lilac or gold all over the lid with a touch of mascara. considering i already have a palette with neutrals i would get the Flare palette instead!