November 30, 2011

Be a Blushing Beauty

Although blush may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to application, some women are unaware of the effect blush can have. Today we’re pointing out the various ways to apply blush and addressing the technique that will work best for your face shape in order to achieve the perfect look for you.

First off, let’s briefly touch on the various kinds of blush: powder, gel and cream.
Powder is the most common and easiest to use – best for beginners; cream is easily blendable - best for dry skin; gel provides a sheer tint but can be hard to blend – best for those with smooth skin.

As for color, rose hues are best for fair skin, apricot works great for medium skin tones and deep reds are perfect for dark skin. Peach is a universally flattering color.  
*If you use powder or mineral blush, you can add a bit of bronzer to produce a warm hue.

When it comes to choosing a brush, our top picks for blush application are the Sigma Beauty Powder/Blush Brush (F10) and the Sigma Beauty Large Angled Contour (F40).

There are a few different ways to apply blush. The general way is to start on the apple of the cheeks and blend upward towards the hairline, then downwards to ensure a well-blended and thorough application. There are, however, application variations to use based on the shape of your face.

If you have a thin face and want your cheeks to appear more prominent, apply blush more so on the apples and lightly on the cheek bones.
If you have a round face that you want to appear thinner, apply more so along the cheek bone and less on the apples.

Be sure to check our recent post on contouring for more information on how to make your face appear slimmer.

So there you have it - the basics to become a blushing beauty! 

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