February 4, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE: Eye Shadow Bases!

They’re here! As of today you can now purchase the new Sigma Eye Shadow Bases! Each base is made with a blendable, smooth formula to achieve a long-wearing and pigmented effect. They are designed to reduce surface oil thanks to the water-resistant, silky-smooth and light-weight formula. Want to know more? Keep reading!

The eye shadow bases evolved from our best-selling Bare, Dare, and Flare Eye Shadow Palettes. The bases can be paired with the eye shadows from the palettes, or simply worn alone to create a variety of long-wearing and versatile looks.

The bases are available in the following kits for $36, or you have the option to buy the bases individually for $13/ea. Bonus - the kits come with a brush for precise application!

  • Pursue – shimmery purple
  • Spy – duo-chrome green-maroon
  • Provoke – matte peach

Is there a specific color that stands out to you most? We'd love to know which kit or base you plan on buying first!


  1. would love to get some but the shipping alone costs more than a individual shadow base so I'm really sad I won't get it

  2. I plan on buying the spy & Persuade Base or the Flare kit.

  3. I actually plan on buying all of them... I absolutely love eyeshadow bases because of the dimension they add to any look you put together with your existing collection. So excited!

  4. I really do not understand the "colored" eyeshadow bases. How is this used as a base? I thought bases were to hold shadows in place.

    1. You can wear the colored bases alone, or you can layer eye shadows on top to create your own custom color.

  5. I want them all! Think I'll start with flare :o) I LOVE Sigma! <3

  6. Are you planning on selling your eyeliners individually in the near future cause I love them but don't want to have to buy another palette to get more.