October 10, 2012

September Favorites + New Product Sneak Peek!

October already!? Yes! And that means it is time to mention a few favorite Sigma products! Each month beauty bloggers and YouTube’s top makeup gurus always have a favorite product from Sigma (can’t say we blame them!) and we love sharing with you what each one of them are. Keep reading to find out which products were most loved for the month of September plus a sneak peek at a new Sigma product being launched this fall!

One of MakeupbyCamila's favorite brushes for the past few months has been the F88. She said, "I am loving this brush! It is perfect to apply and blend concealer under the eyes, sides of the nose, around the mouth and for overall foundation application."

11:42 (Note: video is in Portuguese)

Itsblondie is gushing over the Mr. Bunny Kit. She said, “I’ve been using these nonstop this month. I think they're utterly amazing. I definitely recommend these if you’re in the market.”

MsGoldgirl is a fan of using the F25 for her blush application. “It’s very versatile and very soft.”


Sarahbelle93x has been getting a lot of use from her F82. "I use this to apply my foundation. It's amazing how great this is for applying!"


Last but certainly not least, MakeupbyTiffanyD briefly touches on something she's created in collaboration with Sigma! (More details coming soon!) Oh, and she also mentions how much she loves to use the Sigma F55 for highlighter! ;)

What were your favorite Sigma products for September?

P.S. We typically do a giveaway for each monthly favorites post but this time you are going to have to hold out for a few weeks because we have something bigger and better planned! Stay tuned!

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  1. Awe that's so excited can't wait to see what it is

    1. We're very excited to share more details soon, Nicole!

  2. I'd love to have my own Signa brush.. I wish I could have one.
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  3. I think the synthetic precision brushes are great. My favorite is the P86, the taper is great for applying concealer around my eyes. The P82 is just like using a fingertip, but better!

    1. Exactly, the precision brushes were designed to mimic your fingertips! Perfect application :)

  4. F80 and F82 are my favorites face brush!

  5. do you know...i don't own the f25 brush!?! isnt that obsurd! i have been wanting to try it for so long, but just kept putting it off.

    i cannot wait to see what you have in store for your fans! i am looking forward to all of the upcoming products!