October 1, 2012

Emphasize Eyes: Brown

In the past year we’ve shown you a wide array of tutorials – everything from bright aqua eyes to bold statement lips, but now we are changing it up for a few weeks! Our next four tutorials will be a series showing how to complement the most common eye colors (brown, green, blue and hazel) and it starts today! We took Jenny, one of Sigma’s affiliate program coordinators, to demonstrate how to make brown eyes take center stage. If you’re a brown eyed beauty, find out how you can, too!

Quick tip: To find the shade that will best complement your eyes, go for the shade that is directly across the color wheel from your eye color.

About the model… Jenny has been working at Sigma since January. A typical day for Jenny consists of corresponding with local and international affiliates to make sure everything is running smooth with their affiliation and answer any questions they might have. She also writes for the Sigma Affiliate Blog to help Sigma affiliates gain a better understanding of the program and affiliate marketing strategies.
When I asked Jenny what her favorite part about working at Sigma is, she said, “There are many great things to say about working for Sigma, but the biggest has to be the people! There is a lot of positive energy in the office, which makes for a great company culture. As a recent college graduate, I was thrilled to find a job I enjoy waking up to each day and think I am very lucky to have that because I know many other people are not as fortunate. An added bonus is being able to see and test all the new products coming up!”

Jenny’s all-time favorite Sigma products include:
F80 Flat Kabuki:“I can’t go a day without it!”

- Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit: “I have a newfound appreciation for eyebrows and can’t believe I never paid much attention to them before.”

E45 Small Tapered Blending brush: “I have a smaller set of eyes so it is the perfect size for applying and blending shadows.”

To get Jenny’s look, follow these steps:
*Prior to starting, prep the lids with an eye shadow base.
1.    Using the E60 brush, apply the shade 'Publicize' to the inner half of the lid.

2.    Next, using the E56 brush from the Performance Eyes Kit, apply ‘Notre Dame' to the outer half of the lid while blending into the crease.

3.    Apply a small amount of ‘Allure’ directly in the center of the lid using an E46.

4.    With an E05 brush, apply black gel eyeliner directly into the upper lash line. Use an E30 to apply an eye shadow base along the lower lash line and apply the shade ‘Allure’ just on the outer half.

5.    Lastly, apply a coat of mascara and a sweep of blush using a brush such as the F15. (We got creative and used ‘Allure’ as our blush choice!)

What color do you like to use to make your eyes pop?

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  1. Her eyes are beautiful. Full of sparkles and glistening with glee.

  2. absolutely gorgeous! she looks stunning and her eyes just POP!!

  3. Wow looks amazing!!! It is one good way of enhancing the color of the eyes. Is this ideal only for brown eyes? How about with black eyes?

  4. Purples are really great for brown eyes! :)

  5. Wow!! Very creative of using Allure as Blush color!! Great Job! ^_^

  6. Warm tones are more flattering for my skintone. Would this look still be appropriate for me. Or would I have to swap out the purples for something more magenta/burgany-based?

  7. Absolutely it is wearable! Experiment with different colored shadows once in awhile to switch up your look :)