August 31, 2012

Shadow to Liner

Eye liner (especially colored) can have a great deal of influence on your makeup – it has the power to alter, enhance and brighten your overall look.  Even if you don’t own a variety of eye liner colors, we have a quick and simple solution! If the title didn't already give it away, keep reading to find out our favorite trick for giving eyes an instant pop! ;)
Today’s model is Shauna, Sigma's Marketing Manager! She has been with Sigma for two and a half years now.

Shauna manages a team of marketing coordinators who run all of Sigma’s social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Pinterest), and plans events such as IMATS LA 2013! In addition, she works closely with the design department to create materials such as newsletters, brochures, and product packaging, among many other things.
We asked Shauna what her favorite thing about working at Sigma is and she said, “It is very exciting to be a part of a company that is growing at such a fast rate and that has a large team of very talented people behind it. Another big perk being the makeup enthusiast that I am is being the first to see and use all of the new products before they are available on our website.”

Shauna’s top Sigma product picks include:
  • The Paris Makeup Palette – “Anyone who knows me would tell you that I love to wear color. Personally, it was my most anticipated product we’ve come out with yet!”
  • The F80 – “It’s a necessity for my foundation application and the P86 is the perfect brush for applying my eye shadow base.”
  • The Extravaganza Complete Kit – “Essential for my daily dose of glamour and extravagance during my morning makeup routine.”

Get the look:

 1. Using an E55 brush and the shade "Publicize" from the Flare Palette, gently pat the color onto the lid and into the crease.

2. With the E40 brush, apply the shade "Gossip" from the Flare Palette slightly above the crease onto the lower part of the brow bone.

 3. Using the E70 brush, take the shade "Versailles" from the Paris Palette and blend out the edges created with "Gossip" into the highest part of the brow bone.
4. Now for the eye liner! Use the E65 brush to apply the shade "Louvre" from the Paris Palette onto the upper and lower inner half of lash line. Use the E15 to apply the shade "Eiffel" from the Paris Palette to the upper and lower outer half of lash line.

What are your thoughts on wearing eye shadow as liner?

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  1. Cool! I usually do this as well.. But never tried using a colored one. Let me try this :)

  2. I have always used shadow as liner, it makes for a quick eye make-up, just as shown above!