August 29, 2012

Get Glowing Guide

Alright, so next week is the beginning of September -- are you as excited for fall as we are? Even if you’re not ready to say so long to summer, you don’t have to say goodbye to your gorgeous glow! Today we’re talking about how to extend glowing skin into the colder months.
When it comes to your face, you can keep rockin’ your beautiful bronze by lightly applying bronzer to your cheekbones, temples and top of forehead – all places where the sun would naturally hit. From there, use a coral or peach-colored blush and a swipe of highlighter (the Paris Palette has the perfect picks!) *Make sure to check out our recent Highlight How-to post if you missed it!) You can also maintain the summer spirit in your eye makeup by using brown and taupe eye shadow colors with a subtle shimmer -- the Bare Palette offers several great options!

To keep the rest of your body looking naturally glowy, use a large body brush such as the B05 to apply a combination of highlighter and bronzer (steer clear of ones that contain too much shimmer) onto your décolletage, chest, and any other areas you want to give a glow.
We also recommend staying active! Physical activity increases blood flow to the skin, giving you a naturally rosy glow. Combine that with regular use of your Cleansing & Polishing Tool and you will exude a natural glow year-round. And last but not least, drink plenty of water to hydrate skin to keep it from looking parched.
How do you keep yourself glowing past summer?

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