July 20, 2012

Pretty in Purple

Although purple eye shadow may seem like a bold color to wear, it is actually a very versatile shade that can work with a wide range of eye colors. No matter what your eye color, there is a shade of purple from the Flare Palette for everyone! Today we borrowed Annie, Sigma’s Affiliate Program Manager, from her desk to show you how this regal shade can be used to really make eyes pop!

About the model… Annie has been working with Sigma since its start just over three years ago and has loved seeing how fast the company has grown.

An average day at the Sigma office for Annie entails managing the affiliate blog, affiliate Twitter and affiliate newsletter. “I interact with Sigma affiliates and provide strategies, tips and programs to educate them on how to be successful and increase their sales.” She says her favorite thing about working at Sigma is, “Having the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful affiliates around the world!”

Annie loves all of her Sigma products but she told me her top faves of the bunch and why. Check it out:

  • Sigmax Round Kabuki (F82) – “My all-time favorite foundation brush! I love how it provides a flawless finish and has such soft bristles.”
  • Performance Eyes Kit – “This kit is really nice for my eye shape; the smaller brushes allow me to achieve a more precise makeup look.”
  • Medium Angled Shading brush (E70) – “I love using the E70 to apply color to the outer corner of my eye and into my crease.”
  • Concealer brush (F70) - “To me the F70 is very versatile; I not only use it for concealer, but also to apply an inner corner and brow highlight.”

Now let's get into how to achieve this pretty purple look!
Before you get started, prep lids with an eye shadow primer.

  • Use a brush like the F70 to apply the shade 'Vanish' (from the Dare Palette) to the inner half of the eyelid. Take out your Flare Palette for the remainder of the look.

  • Use the flip side of the F70 to apply the shade 'Allure' to the outer half of the lid. This firmer brush will allow you to get a strong amount of color onto the lid.

  • Use the E36 from the Performance Eyes Kit to apply the shade 'Gossip' into the crease for subtle depth.

  • Continuing to use the shade 'Gossip,' take an angled lining brush such as the E65 and press the color onto the upper and lower lash lines.

  • Lastly, use a soft blending brush such as the E70 to highlight the brow bone with the shade 'Beware.'
The final look:

How do you feel about giving this look a try? What kind of tutorials would you like to see on the Sigma Beauty blog in the future?

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