July 6, 2012

Bridal-Day Beautification

With summer well on its way, those oh-so familiar lyrics of… “Here comes the bride…all dressed in white…” come to mind. Today we’re sharing with you a list of some of our favorite bridal-day beauty tips for the ‘big day.’ Bonus - several of these tips not only apply to the bride, but to bridesmaids and attendees as well!
  • Prime. Apply a primer before your foundation to fill in fine lines and pores. This will also help the foundation adhere to your face better so it doesn’t fade later on.

  • Prep. Eye makeup tends to slide off as lids produce oil throughout the day. Use the P82 to apply an eye shadow base prior to eye shadow application for long-lasting wear. 

  • Proof it. Waterproof that is! If there is any chance you think that you might shed a tear or two, make sure to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to keep your makeup looking mess-free. 

  • Stay in line. Before putting on your lipstick, apply a lip liner all over the lips as opposed to just lining them; this will form a base to help lipstick stay put longer and prevent feathering. From there, use a precise brush like the L05 to layer your lipstick on top.

  • Have a stash. The night before, put together a mini stockpile of essential beauty items for touching up makeup throughout the day (and night) such as q-tips, Kleenex, a mascara wand, a powder brush, oil blotting sheets, a pocket-size mirror, plus any other makeup items you think you might need to re-apply later. (Tip: the MAXBag would fit everything perfectly!)
What are your favorite tips for staying beautiful all day and night when it comes to big events?

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  1. gorgeous...i love sigma brushes but they are to expensive for me...but keep up the great work!

  2. I love Sigma, great quality but a lil expensive for me! Wish I could get the Bunny set, it's so beautiful!

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  6. I love my Sigma brushes! The prices of individual brushes are comparable to some Ulta brand ones. So, the kits can be a great deal. Plus, they are super great quality and if you take care of them, it is a worthwhile investment. :)