February 20, 2012

Meet the Cover Girl

Meet Caitlin; the 18-year-old makeup maven behind the increasingly popular YouTube channel, Glamourista16. While surfing the web one rainy day on vacation, Caitlin (16 at the time), discovered the massive amount of beauty tutorials and product reviews amongst YouTube. Her fascination was instantly sparked and it wasn’t long after that Glamourista16 was born. Caitlin currently boasts more than 70,000 YouTube subscribers with an audience comprised of females ranging in ages 14-22. 
This fresh-faced beauty vlogger was an obvious choice for Sigma Beauty’s latest product launch, the Spa Solutions Kit. Check out a few behind-the-scenes photos in addition to a short interview with this charming cover girl!

Sigma Beauty: Describe your experience at the Sigma Beauty photo shoot.
Glamourista16: I had the best time! First, Shauna (the marketing manager) gave me a tour of the Sigma Beauty office. It was really cool to see all the products and where they are stored and sent out from. After the tour, Bria, the makeup artist and hair stylist (who is incredibly talented!), did my hair and makeup and we were ready to shoot! It was really easy to be comfortable as everyone was so fun... and I got to wear a comfy robe!

Sigma Beauty: What did you like best about participating in a collaboration with Sigma?
Glamourista16: The best part was that I was able to participate in a shoot with one of my all time favorite beauty companies! I use Sigma Beauty makeup brushes every single day to achieve my makeup looks, as well as when I'm doing friend's makeup for events. It was definitely a huge honor to be asked to collaborate!

Sigma Beauty: What are your three favorite Sigma Beauty products?
Sigma Beauty: What advice do you have for other girls your age who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel similar to yours?
Glamourista16: If you are passionate about beauty and willing to commit time and effort into a channel, then I say do it, do it, do it! The YouTube community is constantly growing with talented beauty fanatics! It's the best place to make lifelong friends and collaborate with others who share that interest! 

Sigma Beauty: Who are your some of your favorite beauty gurus or makeup artists?
Glamourista16: Petrilude never fails to amaze me; I always look forward to October when he creates the most unique and elaborate Halloween looks! I could also watch MakeupByTiffanyD all day as well. Her makeup tutorials always turn out flawlessly and inspire me to experiment with all sorts of colors!

Sigma Beauty: What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?
Glamourista16: Use a cotton swab in a swirling motion to remove mascara that accidentally got on your eye shadow; it picks it up without ruining the shadows so you don't have to completely start over!

Twitter: @Glamourista16

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  1. She is so cute. I will watch her channel from now on and I'm a big fan of TiffanyD.

  2. Great! I love the cotton swab tip! Thank you!

  3. Nossa que perfeito, muito sortuda ela, além de linda!


  4. Love Caitlin! Great choice Sigma!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for being such a great cover girl, Caitlin! :-)

  6. Thank you for the intro to a new guru to watch :) She's adorable!


  7. She's really beautiful and has a great personality. Glad she was picked! Loved her cotton swab tip.

    1. Beautiful, indeed! We love her bubbly personality and glad you do, too! :-)

  8. She is very beautiful and talented girl! Go Caitlin!

  9. eu queroooooooooooooooooo ....

  10. I was watching one of Caitlin's videos before I saw her here! She's so talented! I'm glad she gets to collaborate with you!