September 10, 2012

Back-to-School Beauty

Whether you are excited to be back in school or are already counting down the days until next summer, we have some suggestions so you can hit the hallways while putting your best face forward. Read on to get our top do’s and don’ts to have a stunning school year!

- Extend your summer glow – read our ‘getting glowing guide’ for an in depth how-to!

- Look alive! There is nothing worse than showing up to school with tired eyes and dark circles. Prevent it: get plenty of sleep. Fix it: give the area a light application of concealer using our trusty P82 brush!
- Keep it cool – on the eyes, that is! Blue, gray, and silver tones are perfect for fall. Add your own touch by blending various hues in the same color scheme, and don’t be shy to introduce a little bit of eyeliner, especially colored!
- Blend it out. When it comes to makeup, you never want to see where color begins or ends. Whether its foundation, blush, or eye shadow, there should be no harsh lines.
- Play with pigment! A bright, bold lip is a fun and easy way to amp up your look this fall. (Just make sure you go easy on the eyes if you opt for a dramatic lip color)

- Go overboard – piling on the product is far from flattering. Makeup is meant to accentuate your already natural beauty so remember to keep it to a minimum.

- Use your fingers. For the most flawless makeup application, get your fingers off your face and use professional makeupbrushes! After all, that’s what they’re there for!
- Create clumps. To avoid clumpy-looking mascara, roll the wand as you apply the mascara from base to tip. This will separate your lashes as it lengthens.

- Skip washing. If you leave makeup on before going to bed, you run the risk of clogged pores, increased appearance of fine lines and a higher chance of developing blemishes. The Cleansing and Polishing Tool is sure to give your face a fresh and clean feel!

How do you stay looking your best for school or work? 

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