May 21, 2012

Paris Project: frmheadtotoe

Jen is a 27-year-old YouTube beauty guru who has been creating easy-to-follow, everyday makeup tutorials since 2008. Her audience is made up of mostly females, ages 13-34 with a large portion of her subscribers English-speaking Asians around the world. Jen describes her signature makeup style as wearable but fun by changing it up with bright colors and dramatic eyeliner. 

Jen’s educational background is in Industrial Design with an emphasis in Psychology, however, she thoroughly enjoys her work as a freelance makeup artist. Her career highlight in the makeup industry has been traveling. “The opportunity to be able to visit places I’ve never been before and see things I’ve never seen has been amazing.” Her most memorable experience was visiting IMATS LA for the first time last year; she describes it as a “kid in a candy store” experience. 

Sigma Beauty: What was the most rewarding part about your trip to Paris?
Jen: The most rewarding part was getting to meet and become friends with some of my favorite YouTubers. Everyone got along really well which made the trip so much more exciting and enjoyable!

Sigma Beauty:  What did you like best about the city itself?
Jen: The best part was definitely getting to absorb all of the sights and sounds of each place we visited. There are so many beautiful things to see from the monuments to just the people themselves. I'm a big people watcher so I had fun checking out the fashion and classic style of Parisians.

Sigma Beauty: What did you learn from this experience/collaboration with Sigma?
Jen: I learned that creating any product, especially beauty-related, takes a lot of trial and error to get the perfect result. There are a lot of samples that you have to go through to get exactly what you want. It makes me respect anyone who works in this field because you really have to have a clear idea of what you want and the patience to get there!

Sigma Beauty: What was it like to learn about the process of how an eye shadow palette and eye shadow colors are created?
Jen: It was very cool to get an insider's look. We swatched several different samples we had to work with, and mixed 10% of this color with another color or took two different blushes to make one that was flattering on everyone. The great part is we got to have everyone's feedback and experiences at the same time which was very unique and valuable.

Sigma Beauty: What is your favorite way to wear the eye shadow color that you created?
Jen: I love using it on top of a dark cream base to really pull out the duo-chrome effect. It also looks great for contouring in the crease!

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  1. I love Jen! I'm so glad you guys picked her as one of the bloggers to collaborate on this palette. Shes so sweet and relatable, and her videos are so easy to follow. I've bought a bunch of stuff based on her recommendations, including a couple of the sigma makeup brush kits (which I love). Being Asian myself, alot of other tutorials just did not match my facial structure. I was so happy when I found her blog/YouTube channel. Jen does a fantastic job showcasing makeup and overall style ideas.

    1. She is definitely a great YouTuber! We're so glad to hear she's helped you find products you like, especially Sigma brushes! ;)

  2. Recently discovered Jen as a youtuber thanks to this palette and she's got such great videos! The whole idea for the palette sounds an amazing opportunity, wish I could do this someday,


  3. what is the name of the eyeshadow color you have created,please?