March 7, 2012

Ask the Artist: Victoria Stiles

For the month of March we are featuring short Q&A posts with professional makeup artists that are not only some of the best in the industry, but who've also collaborated with and/or supported Sigma Beauty products. First up is Victoria Stiles!

Victoria, a celebrity makeup artist and author of Makeup Artist Backstage, collaborated with Sigma Beauty for Project Runway's Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman show at New York Fashion Week S/S 2012 and Flawless Faces for All Races. Aside from creating makeup looks for several runway shows, her work has graced the pages of Glamour, Women’s Health, Vogue Bambini, Real Simple, and O (Oprah) Magazine, among others. We got the chance to chat with the distinguished makeup artist and learn a few of her backstage secrets! Check it out:

Sigma Beauty: What three tools do you find most essential when creating makeup looks?
VS: If I can only choose three, I would go with my favorite brushes that I never leave home without – a foundation brush, small angle brush, and lip brush.  I can do an entire face with these three fabulous brushes!

Sigma Beauty:  What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?
VS: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize EVERYTHING! You need a smooth palette for any makeup application, so a good facial moisturizer along with a top notch lip balm are key to prepping the canvas. 

Sigma Beauty:  Which celebrity would you love to work with/give a makeover?
VS: Snooki.

Sigma Beauty:  What is one thing all women can do to enhance their natural beauty?
VS: Get a professional eyebrow shaping. Brows are the framework for facial features. By just grooming brows properly, your natural features instantly become enhanced. 

Sigma Beauty:  What are your favorite Sigma Beauty products? / How do you connect with the Sigma Beauty brand?
VS: Sigma produces a high quality brush line at an affordable price.  As a professional artist, I go through brushes like they're water. It's nice to restock my kit with quality brushes that don't break the bank!  I also chose Sigma to sponsor Project Runway's Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman show at New York Fashion Week S/S 2012; we loved using their eyeshadow line on eyes, cheeks, and lips because the colors are so rich and pigmented. 

Twitter: @victoriastiles

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  1. Great article! I've loved watching Victoria's career develop. She is very talented. Thank you for the interview Sigma!

  2. great tips for new artist who are trying to get started and on a budget Sigma brand is the best in brushes for me love them ... thanks for the tips.