December 14, 2011

Easy Eye Brush Guide


We get a lot of questions from customers on what each of the various Sigma Beauty eye brushes are for and how to use each of them. For your convenience, we’ve categorized our different types of eye brushes and given you a brief description of what they can do to help you perfect your eye makeup application!

· Angled – Angled brushes are best suited to apply gel or cream eyeliner along the lash line, or for filling in brows with powder. 

*Sigma Beauty Angled brushes: Small Angled E65

· Blending – If the name of the brush didn't already give it away, this particular brush is meant for blending shadows. Blending brushes merge colors together, eliminating any harsh lines or edges.

· Liner – Eye liner brushes are made to deliver precise and even strokes to line the lashes; perfect for creating a defined cat eye! Depending on the thickness of the line you are trying to achieve, we offer both a regular and small-sized liner brush.

*Sigma Beauty Eye Liner brushes: Eye Liner E05, Small Eye Liner E10

· Pencil – Pencil brushes allow you to precisely apply shadow directly to the eye’s crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. A pencil brush is also the perfect tool for smudging eyeliner to achieve a soft, smokey eye. 

*Sigma Beauty Pencil brushes: Pencil E30

· Shading – Shading brushes are best for applying eye shadow, both pressed or loose. The brushes come in various sizes; smaller blending brushes are ideal for applying colors on the lid and for smudging along the lash line, while medium to large ones work great for applying shadows to the entire lid or highlighting the brow bone.

What are your favorite eye brushes? 

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  1. Thanks so much Sigma team! This has been very helpful!

  2. Excelent post, thanks!
    All brushes are fantastic, but I prefer the small ones.

  3. Raluca and Ana Monica - Thanks for reading! We're glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  4. excellent guide ;)

  5. I love those great blushes! I want to have some!

  6. This is very informative :) I learned something. Hope you can also feature other Sigma brushes and how to use it :)

  7. Sai - We're glad this was helpful! :-)