October 24, 2011


Welcome to the Sigma Beauty Blog!

Sigma strives to keep the world beautiful through various high-quality beauty products and makeup tutorials.

We’re here to provide you with useful tips for precise makeup application, solutions to your beauty dilemmas, and the latest in trends.
Some fun features of the blog will include posts addressing beauty concerns of the everyday woman, a weekly series on how to perfect each step of your makeup routine, behind-the-scenes looks at the Sigma Beauty studio and video shoots, interviews with your favorite makeup artists and gurus, and much more!
This Wednesday we will be featuring our first beauty post so be sure to stay tuned and follow along for all of the Sigma secrets to stay looking your best!

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  1. So excited for the first Sigma Beauty blog!

  2. yeiii soy la numero 10 jejeje ahora si ya los sigo por todas partes me encanta sigma =)

  3. I love Sigma brushes! My FB page I like write this brush! :))

  4. I' ve got 2 Sigma brush...
    I woud like buy a kit this year! <3
    I wait the best sale (Black Friday?) because this kit is very expensive for me! :(
    I hope will be of great sale (no free shipping :)!
    /from Hungary/

  5. I have brushes in the old numbering... I need to update them! LOL I want the entire Sigmax line!

  6. Hi, I'm looking forward to those precious tips!

  7. I'm very sad!!!!!! Raised the prices of brush kits!??? :((((
    I can not believe I'm not going to order! :((( VERY VERY EXPENSIVE (+ 10 DOLLAR? :O )
    Do not be christmas gift....

  8. Angiretro - Because we are constantly updating and making Sigma Beauty products the highest quality available, the price on some of our products have increased to reflect these changes. However, in the November issues of People's Style Watch and InStyle there are Sigma coupon codes! :-)

  9. Unfortunately, I live inm Hungary.... :(
    We have high prices (wages are low)...

  10. Can't wait to follow your posts, Sigma! :)

  11. sigma brushes are the best!!! :)


  12. I love Sigma brushes! I just bought the Synthetic Face Kit, when it was just 3 brushes, and I love it! The brushes are amazing! I would like to buy some eye brushes!